Ben turns 13!!

How could it be possible? How can I have a son that is now, an official teenager? Yikes…did you hear me?…13!!!!! Oh, what should I expect from the next 7 years of teenage-dom? Tell me I get to hang on to the sweet, kind, caring boy that still kisses me goodnight, and ends every phone call with an “I love you, Mom”.

Well, I know I can’t predict what the future will hold, but for now, I will enjoy all the time we share together. One day I’ll miss all the running to ice hockey, and ball hockey games. I’m sure I’ll even miss the singing along out loud to ipod music nobody else can hear. I’ll miss the fact that even when he’s sick, he still wants me close by to make him feel better.

He is my first born. A blessing. He gave me a wonderful introduction to motherhood, and he brings joy to my everyday. Here are some photos leading up to his big day…

Even a teenager needs to blow out his candles.

A random walk with friends at his birthday party.

Who doesn’t like to injest a little helium now and again, lol?!

Oh, so serious.

This is a sight we see often – the ipod/headphones are stuck to him all the time.

He’s not going to win any bubble blowing contests, ha!

He’s always been a fan of nature.

What do you think? Future cover of GQ?

Carefree at 13.

And, that’s it! Now begins another phase of our blessed life…..Wish me luck!!